Established in 1981, Dayton Freight has established itself as one of the leading freight and logistics carriers based out of Ohio. Through its 42 customer service centers throughout the Midwest region, their tracking is able to offer its customers same day service throughout eleven states in the country. With the help of its extensive network of strategic partners located all throughout the United States and beyond, DF is able to extend its services well beyond the borders of the country right up to Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and even Guam and more.

The basic guiding principle that drives the company’s handling and logistics can be summarized in their Dayton Freightmission statement: “Delivering Value Today… Driving The Standard For Tomorrow.” As this statement makes very clear, this particular freight management company makes it its mission to deliver value to its customers by ensuring timely transportation, careful freight handling and fleet maintenance, as well as maintenance of accurate records for everything that they do. Their unstated mission is to be recognized as the leading name in the logistics business when it comes to high quality transportation services. This is made possible through highly trained employees who remain committed to process improvements in order to help Dayton Freight forge long lasting relationships with their customers and business partners.

This customer centric attitude reflects in everything that the company does, which includes planning out the future requirements of the company through extensive training programs for its employees, expanding its customer service network, as well as undertaking investment in technologies and equipment that will give them an edge over the competition, striving to create new benchmarks for the use of technology in all its processes. They lay great emphasis on a professional, people-centric and positive corporate culture, firmly believing that dedicated and committed employees are critical in winning loyal customers and forging strategic relationships with trustworthy business partners.

With its logistic arm, the company has firmly established as the leading provider of global logistics and delivery solutions. Priding itself on being a single-source solution, Dayton’s Logistics Leader is able to provide highly affordable freight tracking and logistics solutions through diverse transportations, and by engaging the services of its trusted logistics partners (, the freight tracking and logistics solution provider keeps unparalleled service and customer loyalty at the top of its mind, measuring its success by the number of satisfied customers. The company remains true to its core business of logistic management by dedicating itself to the cost effective and secure transportation of freight and cargo through a worldwide network of trusted logistics partners. This customized approach ensures that shippers are well able to solve all their supply chain and logistics challenges. Helping you match your requirements with the transportation of choice is the reason why DF is the logical choice for you and your business.

Because they are well aware of their customers’ need for trusted service, their tracking services ensure that they allow their customers to track their packages at every step of the way from the time that shippers deposit it on their counter to the time that it is received by the intended recipient. In return, they make it their business to deliver consistent and reliable services as part of what they call their Customer Satisfaction Plan. This plan ensures that their customers are offered easy and well defined tracking methods including through the Internet to make sure they receive service that they can count on.

Their services cover an extensive depth and breadth when it comes to freight logistics and tracking. With help of deck trailers that are a more or less permanent fixture on all their trailer fleet, they ensure the safety of all the cargo that they handle. They have invested in expensive equipment, even during the recession when companies are normally expected to downsize, in order to reduce the chances of cargo damage during loading, unloading and transit.

As part of the company’s commitment to claims-free and damage free shipping, they make sure that their trailers can be adjusted to any required height or weight so that shipments are not stacked one on top of another, helping to minimize damage as far as possible. They are well aware of their customers’ requirements for a wide variety of delivery modes and make it their mission to deliver. The entire Freight and Logistics system is specially designed to ensure a sufficient number of lift gates to handle your freight requirements. With the latest expenditure in lift gates, they have made it possible to provide services to both residential as well as commercial destinations that may not even be equipped to handle awkward packages. No matter what the class, weight or the final destination may be, with their freight handling and logistics services, they are guaranteed to never disappoint, and they ensure that their customers’ faith is well placed.

Dayton’s logistics services also implement a Total Quality Management program that is based on the principle that there is always room for improvement in each and every process, and that this opportunity should not be missed. Not only do they pursue superior production and delivery techniques, they also ensure that they do not skimp out on customer service, employee training and leadership development while they are at it.

Customers Come First At DF

Their highest priority is to ensure that the customer is always the king and to treat them the way they deserve to be treated. What this means is that their customers are always guaranteed to receive the best possible service with guarantees of reliability and 100 percent customer support throughout the way. From the freight dispatcher or driver, all the way up to the customer service officer, Dayton Freight ensures that their customer’s interests are always given priority. There is no transportation problem that is too large or too small for Dayton, they will always tackle it with the dedication and commitment that it deserves. For them, the customer is always right, and this reflects in everything that that they do or say.